BSR Stakeholder Mapping

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) provides socially responsible business solutions to many of the world's leading corporations. Headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in Europe and China, BSR is a nonprofit business association that serves its 250 member companies and other Global 1000 enterprises. Through advisory services, convenings and research, BSR works with corporations and concerned stakeholders of all types to create a more just and sustainable global economy. 

The BSR Stakeholder Mapping application was created in order to help BSR's clients organize and visualize stakeholder information pertaining to projects, topics, and initiaitves of interest. The Stakeholder Mapping database provides organizations with a unified and dynamic interface for keeping track of individual and organizational positions, pespectives, and relationships, as well as providing a repository for demographical data.

Each project defines attributes (Importance, Orientation, Influence, Knowledge, etc), any two of which define a stakeholder map. The screenshot below shows a case where the attribute Importance has value options Low/Medium/High and the Orientation attribute has value options Positive/Neutral/Negative. Each person or organization with assigned values for the map's two axis will be plotted in the relevant section of the map.  The Stakeholder Map is a live interface to the matrix of data; changes made to the map are instantly recorded in the data store.